Passion for cold

The company NOVOFRIO was founded in 1973. In the early days, you could count the number of workers with the fingers on one hand. Material resources were also very limited – we didn’t have any of the technological advances we have today – but our enthusiasm and commitment to our work were unrivalled. I suppose it was that eagerness, or rather our “passion for cold”, that enabled us to gradually expand. NOVOFRIO was born as a company that was to have a strong technical component capable of designing, installing and maintaining all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Over the years the company has grown and taken on new, more challenging ventures. We have gone from being a local firm operating in the city of Valencia and its metropolitan area to become a company with projects in other regions of Spain and even overseas, with systems we have installed in South America.

Many of these changes are a direct result of the boost experienced by the company with the incorporation of the second generation. Having passed on my “passion for cold” to them, when they entered the firm they brought with them new methods of working and cutting-edge technologies. All these changes have enabled us to come to the forefront in the refrigeration industry and to make NOVOFRIO a leading firm in the sector within the Valencian Region.

Today we have a team of employees who combine almost 40 years' experience in the world of cooling with the technical capabilities needed to adapt to the technological needs our clients demand of us. NOVOFRIO is a mature company that is fully prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Ramón Songel Benedito
Founder of NOVOFRÍO